Wines Made with Care in New Zealand, yesterday and tomorrow

Here at Babich Wines, we are pretty excited to see that New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) have launched their new Made with Care campaign, promoting our country’s food and beverage industry at home and around the world. As a New Zealand wine exporter, telling the world the story of what sets our produce apart is vital to our industry’s success.

For us, the Made with Care campaign is confirmation that we’ve been doing things right, ever since we planted our first vines over 100 years ago. Every wine we produce is made with care. We’ll never stop striving to delight wine drinkers and make the everyday extraordinary – you can taste the care that goes into our sustainably crafted wines. From grape, to glass. Every time.

What does ‘Made with Care’ mean at Babich Wines? First of all, it means producing sustainably certified wines. Sustainability is more than a modern trend for us. It’s always been the roots of our legacy and philosophy. Since 1912, every generation of the Babich family has committed to building a sustainable business that allows the next generation to continue making wine.

We see it as paying it forward, for our family, for wine lovers and for the planet. And it starts with caring for the land and the vines. You need to grow great grapes to make great wine. Our goal? To delight wine drinkers around the world and pay it forward by leading the style and evolution of sustainably-grown and crafted New Zealand wine, for another 100 years and beyond.

Care also means craftsmanship. Every one of our wines is the result of the love we have for our craft. We’ve been making wine for three generations, drawing on knowledge that is even older, but always with one eye on the future. Care means innovation and refinement; for example, we’re producing more and more organic and vegan-friendly wines. We know wine drinkers want them and we have the craft, care and experience to make excellent wines.

Doing things by hand. And caring for our land. They’re all ingredients of our slow, careful process in an ever-changing, always-on world. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’ve always been proud to represent New Zealand out in the world, and support our fellow winemakers and other food and beverage producers. Our wines offer a direct connection to New Zealand, the beautiful country we call home. People thought Josip Babich was crazy back in 1912. Planting vines in remote New Zealand, then patiently making wine the difficult way – with vision, thoughtfulness, ingenuity, and true craft. Wine made with care.

That hard-working spirit is something that still runs deep in our veins today; and we’ll keep ‘paying it forward’ for as long as we exist.